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About Us

The BCFA is the governing body of fencing across the Province of British Columbia.


We believe that all sport should be fair, safe and accessible, which is why we strive to maintain the integrity and respect of fencing at all times.


Fencing Info

Learn more about the history of fencing, its three weapon types, and more:

  • How do I become a member?
    In order to compete at provincially sanctioned events, you must purchase a BCFA license. All additional licenses, included coaching, referee, and armoury, can be found here for the 2022/2023 season.
  • Do I need an Associate or a Provincial Membership?
    Provincial memberships are for athletes who train or compete at any level. ​Associate memberships are for parents or volunteers who don't fence at all. If an associate member trains or competes at a club event, they are not covered by BCFA insurance.
  • Where can I fence?
    British Columbia is vast with many fencing clubs to choose from. From Vernon to Victoria, we have facilities to meet your fencing needs all across the province. ​Check out our clubs page to find a fencing club near you!
  • Where can I find competitions/results?
    Almost all domestic and U.S. fencing competitions and results can be found through The Candian Fencing Federation website is also a good place to find domestic competition and result information!


President: Yuriy Rubin

Board Member: Brendan Robertson

Board Member: Matt Clarke

Board Member: Dylan French (Athlete representative)

Board Member: Martin Zhang (Parent representative)

Board Member: Lynn Seguin (Coach representative)

Administrator: Elana Lancit

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Email Icon BCFA.png

The BCFA Newsletter

Our team produces a monthly email newsletter highlighting events, competition results and other exciting fencing news.

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