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Safe Sport

The viaSport Board of Directors has approved the adoption of a B.C. Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC)".


The BC Fencing Association accepts, respects and pledges to enforce the 2021 requirements and regulations put forth through Safe Sport.

Statement of Commitment

Sport organizations in British Columbia are committed to creating a sport environment that is accessible, inclusive, respects their participants personal goals and is free from all forms of Maltreatment.


As part of the BC Fencing Association's commitment to Safe Sport, our staff and board have completed Commit to Kids training.

Respect in Sport

The BCFA supports the Responsible Coaching Movement and has partnered with the Respect in Sport group through the Canadian Fencing Federation.

Criminal Record Checks

The BCFA requires that all member club coaches, officials and volunteers require an annual criminal record check as a condition of insurance.

Record checks are conducted here.

How to Report Maltreatment

Individuals who wish to submit a complaint should contact

Concussion Resources

What is a concussion and what are the symptoms? Learn about the causes and affects of concussions:

The BCFA and CFF are dedicated to counteracting the impact of concussions in the sport of fencing. We encourage all members of our community to familiarize themselves with:

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SafeSport Photo 1.jpg
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SafeSport Photo 7.jpg


The BCFA is dedicated to creating safe, inclusive environments across all clubs in the province.


We encourage all athletes, coaches, trainers and members of the B.C. fencing community to use the following resources:



Find information regarding coaching in BC and across Canada, as well as how to obtain your coaching certification through the National Coaching Certification Program.

Check out the video below for an overview of the NCCP and Canadian Fencing:

Canada Fencing Federation

Canadian Sport Institute & BCFA

National Coaching Certification Program

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